‘Yellowjackets’ Season 2 Premiere: Shauna Grapples With Jackie’s Death In A Shocking Way

‘Yellowjackets’ Season 2 Premiere: Shauna Grapples With Jackie’s Death In A Shocking Way

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When Yellowjackets season 2 picks up, it’s been 2 months since Jackie’s death. The survivors are now dealing with a full-force winter, with snow and freezing temperatures. Natalie and Travis get up every morning to go and look for food — and Javi. Lottie has a ritual for them to take part in before they leave, including drinking her blood. Natalie isn’t a fan of Lottie’s cult-like tendencies, but Lottie points out that they keep coming back alive.

Shauna isn’t coping with Jackie’s death in a healthy way whatsoever. She spends her days talking to Jackie’s frozen corpse in the meat shed. Jackie’s body has managed not to decompose that much in 2 months. Shauna has full-on conversations with Jackie. When things escalate in their imaginary conversation about Jeff, Jackie’s ear is torn off.

Sophie Nélisse
Sophie Nélisse as Teen Shauna. (Showtime)

Shauna doesn’t leave the ear in the meat shed. She keeps Jackie’s ear in her pocket. Still on the outs after the accidental poisoning, Misty finds a new friend in the theater-loving Crystal. During their trek through the snow, Travis thinks he spots Javi’s body, but it’s only a fox. Natalie has also been helping Coach Ben make a map of the wilderness. Coach Ben and Natalie are able to talk candidly about how there’s no conceivable way that Javi is still alive. Natalie agrees with him, but there’s no way she’s going to convince Travis of that.

There’s a brief glimpse into 1998 after the survivors are rescued. They’re bombarded by media attention. In the weeks after their rescue, Lottie retreats into herself. Her parents want to “fix” her. She’s institutionalized and forced to undergo electric shock therapy. In the present day, Lottie is running a retreat that aims to help people get in touch with their best and truest selves.

Later, Travis tells Natalie that he’s well aware that she thinks Javi is dead. Travis begins to have a panic attack. Lottie is the one who is able to talk him through it, and he gets aroused in front of her. She tells him Javi is still alive. This infuriates Natalie because Lottie is giving Travis false hope. Lottie doesn’t believe there’s such a thing as false hope.

Kevin Alves
Kevin Alves and Sophie Thatcher as Travis and Natalie. (Showtime)

Tai has been sleeping tied to Van so she doesn’t run off in the night. Van stresses to Tai that she’s not scared of her, but Tai thinks maybe she should be. Van writes “I love you” in her blood on Tai’s arm. A bloody declaration of love.

Shauna keeps staring at Jackie’s ear. With the food dwindling down each day, hunger taking over, and the situation getting more dangerous by the minute, Shauna eats Jackie’s ear. Let the cannibalism begin.

Natalie Crosses Paths With Lottie

In the present day, Shauna is worried that she’s going to be called in for interrogation about Adam’s death. Misty is thrilled to try and coach Shauna through an interrogation. Shauna thinks this will just blow over because they were careful in the clean-up, but Misty has a feeling they missed something. Misty goes snooping online about Adam’s death and finds the citizen detectives are hard at work investigating. She sees one person has already taken a glimpse at Adam’s bank account, and she realizes he’s onto Shauna.

Shauna’s clearly always had a knack for holding onto things that she shouldn’t. She still has a stash of Adam’s things, including his keys and license. She calls Jeff and tells him that they have to go to Adam’s art studio to make sure there’s nothing there that could lead the police back to her. When they arrive, it’s basically a shrine to Shauna. They destroy everything.

Simone Kessell
Simone Kessell as Adult Lottie. (Showtime)

Speaking of shrines, Tai’s wife is still spooked over her discovery of Tai’s altar, which included Biscuit’s decapitated head. Simone urges Tai to get help and threatens to go to the press if she doesn’t. Later, Tai finds the blood altar she created and vows to do better. Don’t kill the new dog!

Misty goes looking for Natalie at the motel and realizes she’s been kidnapped. When Natalie wakes up, she’s strapped to a bed. Lisa, one of the orderlies, comes in wearing that wilderness symbol around her neck. Natalie knows exactly who has kidnapped her: Lottie. Natalie takes her chance to escape by stabbing Lisa with a fork and running off. Natalie crosses paths with Lottie, who claims she has a message from Travis. This stops Natalie in her tracks.

Shauna and Jeff burn the rest of Adam’s stuff on the grill. They’re not the most thorough duo because when their daughter goes snooping around, she finds remnants of Adam’s license in the ash.

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