Varun Dhawan tells Kriti Sanon she’s not first female actor to ask for more money: Others took that stand way before you

During a recent interview, Varun Dhawan and Kriti Sanon were asked if they ever missed out on a project because they had asked for too much money. While Kriti said she has said no to some films for not getting paid what she thought was ‘enough’, and that she was standing up for herself, Varun chimed in and said his other female co-stars have been taking ‘that stand’ for a long time, way before Kriti. Also read: Salman Khan tells ‘Bhediya’ Varun Dhawan to bite on his bum, Kriti Sanon can’t hide her reaction

Varun and Kriti Sanon are busy promoting their upcoming film Bhediya, which will be released in theatres on November 25. Amar Kaushik has directed the horror comedy, which is backed by Dinesh Vijan. A video of Varun and Kriti from an interview during the film’s ongoing promotional spree was shared on Reddit, where the actors spoke opened up about saying no to certain films because of the remunerations.

In the clip, when asked about not getting a project after ‘asking for too much money, Kriti said during the interview to Radio Nasha, “Too much is subjective… I didn’t get a film, no, I said no to it because they were not willing to pay what I felt was enough. But if I love a film enough and I can’t let go of it, then…” Varun chimed in to say, “I was just going to say that. I think every actor, if they love a film so much then money is never going to be a problem… (only) if you love a film.”

Reacting to his statement, Kriti said, “But Varun, honestly speaking, I have realised it the harder way because I used to be like that. You have to strike a balance, because somewhere you have to also value yourself, and you (yourself) have told me this.”

Varun then responded to Kriti, and said, “You have to… When I did films like Badlapur or October, then money was not even a conversation. I just wanted to do those films…” Kriti then said, “I have done many films for way less than what I charge now. I had done that. But there are times, when you feel like you are not being valued enough or people are trying to arm-twist you… then you have to respect yourself…”

Varun then said, “Yes, then you have to take a stand… it happens at all stages, depends on whom you work with.” When Kriti said this happens more with women, Varun ‘fully agreed’ with her and said, “100 percent. I fully agree with her that it does happen with women, when it comes to remuneration, there is suddenly a problem. That’s occurred. But I know a lot of my female co-stars, who are now much happier with the way remunerations are being given out in films.”

Kriti Sanon and Varun Dhawan are busy promoting Bhediya. (HT Photo/Varinder Chawla)

When Kriti responded by saying, “That’s also because they are standing up for themselves,” Varun said to her, “They started taking that stand way before you.” When Kriti asked him if he was talking about her seniors, Varun said, “No, no.” Kriti replied, “Ok, then.”

Many Redditors reacted to Varun and Kriti’s exchange. One wrote, “Kriti really thought she was the first actress ever to ask for equal pay. Look at the expression on her face when Varun says you’re not the first one…” Another comment read, “Haha, she (Kriti) was more offended by the fact that her juniors are getting paid more than her.” Another person, seemed to care more about how Varun was speaking to Kriti, and wrote, “Varun speaking over Kriti when she’s saying ‘this happens a lot more to women’ is peak mansplaining…”

Kriti and Varun’s Bhediya follows Bhaskar (Varun), who transforms into a werewolf on every full moon night after he is bitten by a werewolf. Kriti seems to play a veterinary doctor in the film, which also stars Deepak Dobriyal and Abhishek Banerjee.

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