Trolls attacking Sonakshi Sinha for her #SundaySelfie need to sign up for lessons in positivity – Times of India

Sonakshi Sinha shared a gorgeous sun-kissed selfie on social media and being her humours self, she captioned her click, “#SundaySelfie because i dont know what day it is anymore”. While fans of the actress showered her with love, trolls found this as yet another excuse to attack the actress.

Here are some of the attacks Sonakshi received on social media.

Troll Attack 1
Well you also forgot about Ramayan characters as well

Dear troll, maybe you also forgot that Sonakshi had slammed a befitting reply to your kind during a recent question-and-answer session. Her epic response “please watch it on Doordarshan and you will get all your answers” was an instant shut down to those who refuse to let bygones be bygones! It is appalling how short term memory trolls have is with respect to her response!

Troll Attack 2
Looks like she is depressed, @BeingSalmanKhan didn’t give her a chance in his new song.. poor soul


To tag someone as depressed is the most insensitive and thoughtless act! And to wrongfully connect her to Salman Khan is sheer nasty. Trolls are never expected to be a better judge of things and this attack reeks of your determination to spread negativity. She was simply being humorous about lockdown life, try to see things in a different light. Don’t trivialize depression. It’s not a term to be thrown around flippantly.

Troll Attack 3
Aaj Wednesday he. Please see calendar dear.


Unless you are living under a rock, please know that the world is in lockdown. As a troll you clearly don’t seem to have understood the wit in her Tweet and your unwarranted response spreading hatred is definitely not needed in such times. Please excuse the actress if she chose to ignore your presence on social media.

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