Torrent Pharma appoints Aman Mehta as Director on its Board

Ahmedabad-based today appointed Aman Mehta as a Director on its Board with effect from August 1, 2022.

Aman is a MBA from Columbia University, New York, and Bachelor of Economics from University, Boston.

He has been Executive Director at Torrent Pharma, who headed the India Business along with corporate HR.

During his tenure with Torrent, he has worked in both Power and Pharma Sectors, the company said in a statement.


, Aman was involved at a challenging point in the business journey and was instrumental in bringing about a customer orientation transformation within the distribution business and also made noteworthy contributions in enhancing efficiency in operations,” the company said.

According to Torrent pharma, his marketing acumen coupled with analytical skills have strengthened Torrent’s India business performance and profitability in a highly competitive market.

The successful integration of the

acquisition, which has created significant value for the Company, has been his key achievement, the company further said.

“He has led several organic growth initiatives that have started delivering market share gains, with a focus on new product launches. Aman is a key contributor in evaluation of acquisition opportunities and driving the strategic direction of India business,” it said.

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