‘The Voice’ Winner Gina Miles Reveals ‘More Music’ Plans & The ‘Biggest Piece Of Advice’ From Coach Niall (Exclusive)

‘The Voice’ Winner Gina Miles Reveals ‘More Music’ Plans & The ‘Biggest Piece Of Advice’ From Coach Niall (Exclusive)

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After weeks of taking the stage throughout The Voice season 23, it all came down to America’s vote. Gina Miles was crowned the new winner of The Voice season 23 in what was the closest margin of votes in the show’s history. “I’m a little frazzled at the moment, but I’m really excited. I’m very grateful to be here and to have had people vote for me to win. That was really cool,” Gina told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY about how she’s feeling after her epic win.

Season 23 came down to Gina and Team Blake’s Grace West. They held hands as they awaited the results in the finale’s last moments. “It was insane to be standing there with her,” Gina said. “She’s one of the most hardworking, talented people ever, and she deserves everything from everybody. She is amazing. To just be standing there in the top two with her was a very unforgettable experience.”

Gina Miles
Gina Miles is the winner of ‘The Voice’ season 23. (NBC)

After her Blind Audition, Gina chose Niall Horan to be her coach. Gina’s win marks Niall’s first-time win as a Voice coach. “It’s been amazing to work with him. He is an amazing mentor,” Gina gushed. “To be in this with him is a dream. He has been nothing but supportive and encouraging and giving me advice. He’s been in it with me since day one. It’s insane.”

Niall was able to be a sounding board for Gina as she navigated the competition. After all, he’d been in her position before when he competed on The X Factor with One Direction. Gina revealed the piece of advice Niall gave her that’s stuck with her over the last few months.

“The biggest piece of advice that he’s given me is that to combat nerves the best thing you can do is to be prepared,” Gina told HollywoodLife. “That’s something he said to me very early on in my battle with Kala Banham talked about being prepared. I’ve really taken that to heart throughout this competition that the best thing I can do for my nerves because I’m a very nervous person and a nervous performer. The best thing you can do is to just do your work and be prepared.”

Looking back, Gina knew Niall was the perfect coach for her right from the start. “In my Blind Audition, I was really nervous and scared. I think the moment that we were doing the commentary, and they’re just talking to you, he just felt so nice and not a scary place to turn to. I love Kelly Clarkson with my whole body and soul. She is the sweetest woman ever. She is such an icon and legend. I was just so starstruck by her. Niall just immediately felt like a friend to me, and it was such a nice space to be in.”

Gina Miles
Gina Miles with her coach, Niall Horan. (NBC)

Over the course of season 23, Gina has evolved so much as an artist. “I think I’ve just been able to find what I like to sing and how I like to sing things, and also just find a sound that feels authentic to me and something that I enjoy listening to,” she said.

Gina already has an EP out titled Who Are You and has big plans for her future. “Hopefully more music. I would love to release an album,” Gina revealed. “I think that would be insane to have that sort of body of work. But I definitely just want to sing. I think that’s all that this is about, and I’m here to work. I’m ready.”

The 19-year-old singer noted that her “biggest influence” has been Adele and aspires to have a career like the “Hello” singer moving forward. “Her career is obviously astronomical, and she’s an icon of icons,” Gina said. “I look up to her so much. I love her music. I think I would love to emulate that self-awareness and grounded feeling because every time I feel like you listen to Adele, you just feel so grounded. It feels so real. I feel like when she sings you can hear her soul. I want to be able to make music that speaks to people that way.”

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