Suniel Shetty says he discussed boycott trends with CM Yogi as Bollywood is in ‘worst stage’: I know I will get gaali

Actor Suniel Shetty recently met Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath in Mumbai and sought help from him to curb anti-Bollywood sentiments amid boycott trends. Talking about why he picked the particular topic, Suniel recently said that the film industry is probably at the ‘worst stage.’ He also said that people might call him a ‘flop actor’ and even abuse him for his quest. Also read: Suniel Shetty tells Yogi Adityanath boycott Bollywood trends can end with his help

CM Yogi Adityanath met some celebrities during his brief stay in Mumbai. Among them were Akshay Kumar and Suniel Shetty. Reportedly, Suniel Shetty assured the CM that people of the industry ‘don’t do drugs, or wrong work.’ In a new interview, the actor said that his request was to revive the industry in order to gain the respect back.

Revealing what he talked to CM Yogi Adityanath and why, Suniel told Bombay Times, “All I asked for (at the event) was some help for our film industry because we probably are at the worst stage that we have ever been in. I asked for help to revive the industry and get our respect back. One rotten apple doesn’t mean that the entire tree is rotten. I didn’t ask for anything else.” He said all he asked for was love and no other profit or subsidy for any of his movies.

“If I do something wrong, if I project myself wrongly, then hang and ban me, but don’t ban my industry because there are 1000s of workers,” he continued. Suniel further added, “I keep praying and wishing that our golden days come back. I just said help the industry stand on its feet. Wherever I go, that is the only thing I ask for, whether it is my friends from the media or others. Yogi ji is someone who wanted to meet the industry and listen to us. We are on the back foot right now and someone needs to come forward. I know I will get a lot of gaali from people who want to boycott Bollywood. They will abuse me and say, ‘Yeh toh flop actor hai, etc.’ Par woh sab mujhe chalega (People might call me a flop actor but that’s okay).”

Meanwhile, Suniel also requested CM Yogi to discuss the matter of boycott Bollywood trends with PM Narendra Modi.

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