States in discussions on Earl Eddings future as Cricket Australia chairman

South Australia’s chairman Andrew Sinclair has responded to his New South Wales counterpart John Knox’s opposition to a second term for the Cricket Australia chair Earl Eddings, writing to ask for greater clarity as to why the largest state association is eager for change at the top of the game’s governance.

Last month, Knox sent a letter to all the state associations in which he outlined the NSW board’s opposition to Eddings getting a second term, and also attached a 2019 letter to the CA chair in which he made it clear that a succession plan was required.

ESPNcricinfo has learned that Sinclair replied with his own correspondence that defended the incumbent’s record but also asked for Knox to outline his reasons for wanting change. It is believed that subsequent discussion was had between Knox and Sinclair, rounded off by follow-up correspondence from the NSW chair to the rest of the state associations welcoming further talks.

David Maddocks, the Cricket Victoria chairman and a longtime associate of Eddings through their common connection to the North Melbourne Cricket Club, is also understood to have written to Knox. He outlined the case for leadership continuity to ESPNcricinfo last year.

“You often hear it said that board members by the time their period is about to expire, they’re really at their best, they’ve been around, they understand the issues, they understand the interrelationships and all those sorts of things,” Maddocks said. “I think at the moment in terms of CV and CA, there is a strong case for stability in a period of great instability. My personal view is I think Earl is doing a very good job and I think if there was potential for him to stay on, I think it’s something that ought to be considered.”

CA is currently awaiting a conclusion to another succession saga around their chief executive, a role held in interim form by Nick Hockley since Kevin Roberts’ resignation mid-last year. Hockley wants the job full-time, but CA have engaged an outside recruitment firm to conduct a search for candidates to be weighed up against him.

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