Sonam Kapoor says she’s not trying to lose her baby weight: ‘I am still breastfeeding, I’m not on any crazy diet…’

Sonam Kapoor says she’s not trying to lose her baby weight: ‘I am still breastfeeding, I’m not on any crazy diet…’

Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja welcomed their baby boy Vayu Kapoor Ahuja on August 20, 2022. The actor often shares details on Instagram of her pregnancy and her life as a new mom. In an earlier interview, Sonam had talked about having a ‘natural, quick birth’ and ‘breastfeeding pretty easily’. Now, in a new interview, Sonam has said she is not back to ‘what she used to be’ before she had her baby, and that she is ‘not even pushing herself’. Also read: Sonam Kapoor says she is breastfeeding Vayu ‘pretty easily’, has no stretchmarks

Sonam Kapoor and her son Vayu from their Diwali 2022 party.

It’s been seven months since Sonam Kapoor had her baby. She admitted that although she is exercising to be healthy, she was not on ‘any crazy diet’ to lose her pregnancy weight. Sonam said she was still breastfeeding, and hopes to continue ‘for at least a year’, and for that her body needs ‘food, rest, and energy’.

Opening up about how expectations have been ‘unreal and often unkind’ from moms, especially celebrity moms like herself, Sonam told Grazia India, “You look at yourself in all these videos which are super unflattering and taken on the phone – and you’re wondering to yourself – ‘am I really looking like that’? I’m not scared of anything in that sense, ageing or anything else – but I just don’t feel like myself. If I’m shooting, I send my measurements in advance – I don’t want to come back feeling like I’m not fitting into these tiny clothes – it plays a huge havoc on your self-confidence, to try and fit into things you would have fit into five or 10 years ago.”

Sonam added, “I’m not back to what I used to be and I’m not even pushing myself – I’m still breastfeeding, and I hope to continue for at least a year. Your body needs the food, rest, and energy while you’re doing that. I’m not on any crazy diet, I’m exercising – I exercised through my pregnancy – and being healthy. I took care of myself through my pregnancy and I’m going to continue doing that and not check the scales.”

Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja dated for a few years before they married in May 2018 in Mumbai. They welcomed their son Vayu last year. Sonam and Anand had posted on Instagram to announce the exciting news of their baby’s arrival. Sonam was recently in Delhi with Anand and Vayu as they visited her in-laws. Before that she was in Mumbai for the Dior fashion show and also graced the red carpet at the Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Centre launch event.

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