Singer JORDY Feels ‘Responsibility As An Artist’ To ‘Protect’ LGBTQ+ Community With His Music (Exclusive)

Singer JORDY Feels ‘Responsibility As An Artist’ To ‘Protect’ LGBTQ+ Community With His Music (Exclusive)

This is a story of a signer named JORDY! The rising pop star’s latest single “Story Of A Boy” has become an anthem for the LGBTQ+ community, as he retells the tale of Nine Days’ “Absolutely (Story Of A Girl),” but from a boy’s perspective longing for another boy. JORDY, who recently nabbed a nomination for Outstanding Breakthrough Music Artist at the GLAAD Media Awards, spoke with in an EXCLUSIVE interview about his music and the impact he’s had on the LGBTQ+ community. “Young JORDY would’ve really benefited from hearing a queer voice on the radio when he was little. And so when I got the idea about a year ago to spin it and make it more of an authentic perspective for myself, which is a queer perspective, it just felt like that was so healing for my inner child,” the openly gay singer-songwriter told HL. “It was the song that he needed as a kid. And all of those experiences as a child kind of led me to this point.

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“Story Of A Boy” has been such a hit amongst the LGBTQ+ community, as well, inspiring a slew of transgender creators to show off their transitions on social media using the song. “It’s such a joy and a privilege to see people relating to the music, obviously, and to see these trends on TikTok. It’s so inspiring, and especially with everything going on with the trans community right now, I will always do everything in my power to raise voices and awareness and try to use my platform for the greater good to get these people heard,” JORDY explained, recalling the current transgender care-restricting legislation sweeping across the US. “At the end of the day, they need protecting, and I’m going to do my best to fight and stand for them. It’s what we’re meant to do as artists. It’s my responsibility. I love making music, but it’s my duty to use my platform for the greater good.”

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JORDY did just that with his recent partnership with Silk for their Tiny Kitchen Concert Series. The plant-based brand is connecting the ritual of breakfast and starting the day with your favorite jams, and JORDY is a featured artist. “I think it’s so worth mentioning that any brand that is interested in wanting to work with a queer artist like myself, I think is super important to me and really speaks volumes to how much I feel comfortable like working with this company,” JORDY praised. “For me, it was just a great opportunity for a great acoustic performance in a space that I haven’t really had a chance to work with yet. The Tiny Kitchen series was such a cute setup and kind of that at home feel, and I just thought it was a really intimate and fun way to perform this song that’s super important to me!”

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