Scream Star Mason Gooding Says Chad Was Supposed to Die in the Original Script

Scream Star Mason Gooding Says Chad Was Supposed to Die in the Original Script

Mason Gooding is set to return to the big screen through the film Scream VI. Gooding portrays the role of Chad Meeks-Martin, who coined the term “the Core Four” pertaining to the film’s main characters. Aside from Gooding, the Core Four are portrayed by Jasmin Savoy Brown, Jenna Ortega, and Melissa Barrera.

Well, apparently, “the Core Four” was supposed to be “the Core Three” initially as Gooding wasn’t supposed to survive in the film. The actor shares that the script he first received indicated that his character wouldn’t survive the fifth Scream film. It wasn’t until they were filming that he got confirmation that his character will live.


Mason Gooding was in for a surprise after finding out that his character in the film isn’t going to die. He told EW, “I was kind of bait-and-switched. The script that I got the first time around said I died. I don’t think you necessarily go into a Scream movie expecting to live every time. I just kind of accepted my fate. It wasn’t until we began filming Scream 5 that I was told that I was going to survive and make it to the next one.”

Although he’s happy that his character will make it, he was initially shocked after reading the script by James Vanderbilt and Guy Busick. He said, “I didn’t necessarily know that the ‘Core Four’ dynamic was going to take on the level of intimacy that it did, so to speak.” He then teases a bit and added, “Nor did I think I was going to be as thrown off by the killer reveal as I was. People will see why when they watch the movie.”

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A Film For The Bloodthirsty Movie Goers

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Gooding revealed that Scream VI will surely satisfy fans who are bloodthirsty. The actor hinted that the film will feature “gorier, longer” deaths. He said, “I think this was the bloodiest Scream from a gallon-to-gallon standpoint of blood used. And that, I think, speaks to the level of viscera in and around the movie, some of which I am subjected to myself.”

He further added, “I can say from experience the moniker of ‘bloodiest Scream’ holds up. But what I’ve always loved about [the first] Scream is the care and love that the movie seems to embody in its theme and messaging. It’s not a nasty horror film; it has a certain level of empowerment in its main characters and final girl that I really appreciate as a horror fan. So it was very nice to see that echo through in this Scream as well.”

He concluded, “What’s cool about Scream is, you’re happy either way. You either get a cool death or a really cool opportunity to come back, so either way I kind of win-win.”

Scream VI is out in movie theaters March 10.

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