Scope for Hotel management in India 2023

After graduating from high school, one has a wide range of professional options. The decision is frequently made depending on the student’s interests and career goals. One industry that places a high priority on employment is hotel management, which includes a variety of services like food service, lodging, and catering.

Hotels, resorts, fast food restaurants, and other hospitality-related businesses are some of the main employment sectors. Any of the aforementioned professions are open to a hotel management expert. The hotel management industry has always been a popular choice for students looking for careers, and as globalisation progresses, more and more hotel chains are spreading their operations to international markets. As a result, there is a huge need for hotel management specialists.

Opportunities in this sector

Food & Beverage Jobs

Restaurants, fine dining, bakeries, confectioneries, catering food trucks, cafes, nightclubs, and other establishments fall under the category of the food and beverage jobs sector. The need for qualified people to manage these businesses has grown as new hotels, restaurants, and cafes sprout up in both major cities and suburban areas.
Students can receive advanced instruction in cookery, food management, and inventory control from hotel management institutions.

Chef, food and beverage manager, catering manager, restaurant manager, kitchen steward, guest relationship executive, housekeeping supervisor, culinary manager, and many more job roles are included in the food and beverage sector.

Opportunities in the Government Sector

Opportunities in the government sector abound for hotel management graduates. Working in the government sector will help you advance your career in the hotel industry, allowing you to earn dignity and a solid profit in your respective fields.

They can find work in government sectors such as airlines, Indian Railways, Indian Navy Hospitality Services, shipping and cruise lines, state tourism development corporations, and so on.
These sectors provide job opportunities such as IRCTC (Railway) Catering, FSSAI Jobs, Food Corporation of India (FCI), Indian Navy Catering & Hospitality Services, Army Catering, and Government Airlines.

Good Pay Scale

The most profitable aspect of this career is the phenomenal rise in hotel management salaries. Over the last decade, the global average living cost has risen. With this in mind, candidates are looking for well-paying jobs.

Scope for Hotel management in India 2023

Salary structures differ depending on the chain or group. The average starting salary is between Rs 1.8 lakh and Rs 2.4 lakh per year, or between Rs 15,000 and Rs 20,000 per month. According to the most recent hotel management industry career trends, you can expect a 45 percent increase in salary.

Positions for recreation

Aside from the positions mentioned above, those with a hotel management degree can apply for a variety of informal and formal positions outside of the hotel industry.
This includes events, weddings, spas and saunas, sports festivals, wellness retreat programmes, and other celebrations, among other things.
Here are some job opportunities in the aforementioned field:
Wedding Planner, Spa Attendant, VIP Services Manager, Banquet Manager, Event Coordinator, Project Manager, Sports Event Executive, and Wellness Area Manager are just a few of the positions available.
Office Coordinator, Finance Manager, Housekeeping Manager, Front Desk Executive, and other functional job roles are also available.

Respected career

A dignified career will undoubtedly be bestowed upon you by a hotel management course. Among all the other advantages, the key factor that a hotel management Course enables you to excel in is personality development.
Apart from exponentially advancing your professional career, hotel management also molds you mentally, preparing you for the industry.
Hotel management necessitates a significant amount of commitment.

It’s not just about serving people; it’s also about treating them like family and earning their trust, both of which this course will assist you with.
It also improves your overall appearance by making you more hygienic and groomed. Aside from professional training and expertise, the sheer determination to persevere in the face of adversity while still giving your all determines how far you can go.

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