‘RHOA’ Recap: Sheree Whitfield Gets Stood Up By Boyfriend Tyrone In Philadelphia

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Poor Sheree Whitfield. After the group celebrated Kandi Burruss‘s Broadway play in New York and questioned Drew Sidora‘s weight-loss business, Sheree headed to Philadelphia to meet up with her boyfriend of several years, Tyrone. He was actually supposed to join the group in New York during the June 5 episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, but apparently, it was too far and not within the 100-mile radius that he’s allowed to travel in while on house arrest. (Fun fact: NYC is only 95 miles from Philadelphia.)

So, like we said, Sheree jumped in a car to meet Tyrone in Philly after leaving the girls in NYC. It was almost a two-hour drive for Sheree, and when she got close to Philly, she tried calling Tyrone, but he didn’t answer. So after arriving, she went to a restaurant, grabbed a drink and tried calling Tyrone a second time — and again, he didn’t answer. She then tried texting him, but he didn’t respond, and when she tried calling one more time, she heard an odd noise that sounded like a busy signal.

Sheree then called her daughter, who couldn’t believe that Sheree had already waited 30 minutes for Tyrone. Her daughter also told her that a busy signal most likely means Tyrone blocked her number. But Sheree wasn’t ready to give up on Tyrone just yet, so she ordered an appetizer and tea to keep herself warm. Then, when nearly two hours had passed, a producer came over and told Sheree that Tyrone wasn’t coming because his attorney said that going to the restaurant would be some sort of parole violation. Yet, Tyrone never called Sheree to say that himself. Sheree couldn’t believe what she was hearing, so she called Kenya Moore to vent about the situation, when she nearly broke down in tears. Kenya told Sheree to fly back to Atlanta and stop trying to contact Tyrone. They both said Tyrone has some explaining to do, and we couldn’t agree more.

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