Reservations for GMC Hummer EV SUV Edition 1 Sell Out in Mere Minutes

In both cases, GM is kicking off production with a limited-run trim known as the Edition 1. Likewise, both the Hummer EV Edition 1 truck and SUV sold out about 10 minutes after the models’ order books opened up (October 20, 2020, for the pickup, and April 3, 2021, for the SUV). “Sold out”, in this case, means enough people went on the Hummer EV website and reserved a truck or SUV with a $100 refundable deposit.

Reservation List for Hummers

We’d love to tell you just how many Edition 1 pickups and SUVs GM plans to build, but we weren’t able to get the automaker to disclose such a figure. However, the company did share that if a customer ordering an Edition 1 does not get picked for one of the limited-edition models, then they’re reservation will transfer to another Hummer EV trim. All Hummer EVs will be assembled at the Detroit-Hamtramck plant that has been retooled and renamed Factory Zero because it is now dedicated exclusively to making electric vehicles.

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