New Clips from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 Offer Audiences a Taste of the Team’s Final Ride

New Clips from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 Offer Audiences a Taste of the Team’s Final Ride

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 is just mere weeks away from its May 5th premiere, and two new clips were released to hold fans over until the late spring debut. Unlike other films within Phase 5, the third installment of the Guardians franchise is slated to be the swan song for the rag-tag, interstellar superheroes and also for series writer-director James Gunn, who has transitioned into his new role as head of DC Studios. Though goodbyes are in order, the two clips display that Vol. 3’s conclusion will still carry the spirit and humor found within the first two prequels.

The two snippets were initially released on social media by One Take News. Though the two clips don’t provide too many clues as to how the final story of the Guardians ties into the greater MCU arc, fans will still enjoy the sneak peeks. Both scenes demonstrate the signature lightheartedness and witty banter between the team members, while also providing an inside look into what to expect from the Guardians’ closing chapter.

The first features an intimate, semi-private moment between Peter “Star-Lord” Quill and the newly resurrected, Gamora. As Peter confesses his unrequited feelings to Gamora — who is not the same version who died in Infinity War — the moment is interrupted by his team members, who apparently could hear the entire conversation. Their interjection provides a moment of necessary comedic relief as Peter is clearly struggling with the re-emergence of his past lover.

The second clip adds depth to Peter’s struggle to be an effective leader and work with the new Gamora in Vol. 3. In the teaser, Gamora has Yuda held up at gun-point against Star-Lord’s wishes. As Nebula carries on as a reluctant, third-party, Peter apologizes to Yuda as he only planned for a stealth rescue mission for their friend. However, Gamora had other plans as she “shot people and threatened their lives” during the expedition.

Tensions between the two flare during the hold-up in the cosmic elevator, leading Peter to emotionally recall the cascading events that led to his Gamora’s death and the past version who returned from the future. His monologue is part comedy, but also emotionally reflective. Star-Lord acknowledges his shortcomings in Infinity War and recognizes the pain he must navigate while working with the new version of his resurrected lover.

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Guardians of the Galaxy Was Always Meant to be Told as a Trilogy

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The Guardians of the Galaxy trilogy was a test of how far Marvel Studios could take their audiences. As it would turn out, audiences loved the off-beat ridiculousness that often came with Star-Lord and his disparate group of supernatural beings. Following the success of Vol. 1, long-standing Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige disclosed that Guardians came about because the studio wanted to do a “big space movie,” which hadn’t been done for a while at the time. And what better entry into epic space journeys than a cosmic superhero team who’s proactive in protecting the galaxy from threats.

Though many fans will be disappointed that this team’s story is coming to an end, according to James Gunn, it was always supposed to be this way. Following the premiere of Vol. 2, Gunn spoke to Toronto Sun about the Guardian trilogy, and why there will not be a fourth iteration with the same team.

“I think the first three movies tell a single story and that story is pretty simple. I think that there could be a ‘Guardians Vol. 4,’ but it would not be the same. It would not be the same group…Basically the story of this group ends with ‘Vol. 3.’”

Thankfully, there are different versions of the Guardians of the Galaxy ensemble, so it’s possible that they may be reintegrated into the MCU down the line. But only time will tell if the Guardians will get their return. Until then, Marvel fans can rest assured that Vol. 3 will be a fitting close to the original team’s story.

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