New and Used MINI Cooper: Prices, Photos, Reviews, Specs

New and Used MINI Cooper: Prices, Photos, Reviews, Specs

What kind of vehicle is the 2024 Mini Cooper? What does it compare to?

The 2024 Mini Cooper badge adorns a broad lineup of retro-style cars that nearly defy comparison. Perhaps consider the Kia Soul and BMW X1, if you’re not dead set on a Mini. 

Is the 2024 Mini Cooper a good car?

For what it is, the Mini Cooper remains a right good time. It drips with personality, offers thrilling handling, and can even be somewhat practical in the right configurations. It’s a 6.0 out of 10 on the TCC scale. (Read more about how we rate cars.)

What’s new for the 2024 Mini Cooper?

Mini has brought back a previously unavailable Classic trim level that helps lower the price of entry slightly. Additionally, most versions are once again available with a manual gearbox; the transmission choice was dropped for much of 2023. 

The Mini Cooper comes in four basic body styles: two-door, four-door, extended-length four-door (Clubman), and convertible. Each has the same basic styling and personality, plus a lengthy list of styling personalizations. 

Base cars deliver decent go with a grunty turbo-3. The turbo-4 that comes on the Cooper S is worthwhile, though. John Cooper Works models provide track-ready handling and 228 hp, but they’re awfully expensive. Most models are front-wheel drive; all-wheel drive is available on certain Clubman versions. 

Fuel economy ranges from a low of 25 mpg combined to upward of 30 mpg combined for most configurations. Premium gas is needed, though. 

These cars have expressive styling, but their interiors are hardly practical. Such is the price to pay for personality. The most useful choice here is the delightful (if costly) Clubman, which has an SUV-rivaling 48 cubic feet of maximum cargo space.

An 8.8-inch touchscreen offers standard Apple CarPlay compatibility and a decent, BMW-like infotainment system. Automatic emergency braking comes on all, but Mini charges extra for blind-spot monitors, a head-up display, and adaptive cruise control. 

How much does the 2024 Mini Cooper cost?

Figure about $26,000 for a base Mini Cooper this year, but that’s just the cost of entry. By the time you add the turbo-4 in the Cooper S and even begin to scratch the surface with extras, the Clubman body that we prefer can top $40,000.

A JCW model easily adds another $10,000. 

Where is the 2024 Mini Cooper made?

In England and the Netherlands.

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