Neetu Kapoor recalls she and Rishi Kapoor both fainted before their wedding; she was drunk during pheras

Neetu Kapoor has recalled how she and Rishi Kapoor both fainted at their wedding. Neetu and Rishi tied the knot on January 22, 1980, at the Kapoor family’s famous home in Chembur- RK House. The wedding was attended by a large number of people including several celebrities from the film industry. Also Read| JugJugg Jeeyo review: Entertaining and emotional tale featuring good-looking people

Neetu recently recalled that she and her late husband had panicked after seeing the number of attendees at their wedding and both of them fainted. She revealed that to calm their nerves, both of them were drinking Brandy, due to which she was drunk while they were taking pheras during the ceremony.

Neetu recalled the incident during a recent interview with Swiggy’s YouTube channel with her JugJugg Jeeyo co-stars Anil Kapoor, Varun Dhawan, and Kiara Advani. When Varun asked Neetu if she was in attendance at Anil Kapoor’s wedding to Sunita Kapoor, Anil chimed in and joked, “Meri shaadi mein main khud nahi tha. Itne kam log the ki mujhe khud ko doondhna pada (I wasn’t to be found at my own wedding. There were so few people that I had to find myself only).” Neetu recalled that there were only five people at Anil’s wedding, contrary to her wedding to Rishi Kapoor, where there were five thousand people present. Anil said that he had also attended Neetu and Rishi’s wedding.

Neetu added, “Oh my god. There were pickpocketers at my wedding. They gave me gifts which had rocks and slippers inside. Because they were all dressed up and they entered my wedding, we thought they were guests. They crashed because it was such a huge wedding. We found rocks and slippers when we opened the gifts. It was so weird.” Recalling how the crowd left her and Rishi uncomfortable, Neetu said, “When we were getting married, I fainted, and my husband also fainted. We both fainted. I fainted because there were too many people, and my husband was petrified of crowds, so before getting on to the horse he fainted. So he was having brandy. I was having brandy. So that’s how our wedding was, I was drunk when I was taking the pheras.”

JugJugg Jeeyo opened in theatres on Friday, June 24, to a good response. As per the Hindustan Times review, the film is an ‘entertaining and emotional tale starring the prettiest people.’ It says about Neetu, who marks her Bollywood comeback with the film– “Back on screen after a long time, Neetu brings so much calm in every scene. Surprisingly and thankfully so, she isn’t shown to be this loud Punjabi mom that Bollywood has normalised for long now. She’s subtle, rational and pragmatic about life unlike her onscreen husband.”

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