Miracle Drinks to accelerate expansion through franchise model – initiates SAARTHI PROGRAM

Miracle Drinks, a result-oriented herbal dietary health supplement brand is planning to accelerate its growth and expansion in 2022 through SAARTHI PROGRAM – a network of company operated clinics. As part of its robust long-term expansion plan, Miracle Drinks will open 50 company operated clinics. In phase 1, Miracle Drinks will launch 10 franchises by September 2022. The latest development is a part of the brand’s consumer outreach and capacity expansion initiative.

Sharing his thoughts on the brand’s expansion plans, Founder and retired IAS officer, Dr. S M Raju said, “We believe in simplifying general healthcare and make it easily available. Our franchise model is a part of our long-term vision for the brand, and we are optimistic that it will help a number of patients to avail our effective and herbal health supplements.”

The product family at Miracle Drinks

Dr. S M Raju further added, “Miracle Drinks aims to educate people on the benefits of natural ingredients as opposed to synthetic material, as well as on the interconnected nature of disease and cure between organs. The nature of Miracle Drinks is to address the disease as opposed to tackling the symptoms for instant but temporary relief. A major part of our mission is to primarily help people change their lifestyles and elevate their life into a better one. The franchises will be a step closer to achieving the milestone and connecting with a larger audience.”

These company operated clinics will be managed by Miracle Drinks and will be established across key metros in the country. The clinics will consist of a team of trained and qualified doctors to guide patients and provide them with products as per their requirements. Additionally, Miracle Drinks will also maintain stock and facilitate relevant marketing campaigns to spread awareness about the benefits of their range of VEGAN Ayurvedic Medicines.

Over the years, Miracle Drinks has successfully catered to over 100,000+ chronic and serious patients. With a vision to simplify general healthcare, Miracle Drinks is an amalgamation of numerous herbal supplements, based on Vedic scriptures and Ayurvedic formulations.

Miracle Drinks is a range of VEGAN Ayurvedic Medicines based on the proprietary science of NEO-AYURVEDA. This science is the amalgamation of millennia long R&D in Ayurvedic sciences and its adoption to contemporary medical formulations achieved over the last 35 years. Today the brand addresses 170 unique health ailments.

As pioneers in NEO-AYURVEDA, Miracle Drinks has robust R&D activities underway in collaboration with many like-minded Institutions supporting our unique and scientific approach to the science of AYURVEDA. It primarily focuses on Cell-Regeneration therapy hyper targeting the treatment of the dysfunctional organs.

To become a franchise partner, please visit the link: franchisee.miracledrinks.in.

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