Mira Rajput: ‘Nobody says star husband. Why is there a star wife?’

Mira Rajput is speaking out on being labelled a star wife whenever she is spoken about in the press. Since her marriage to actor Shahid Kapoor in 2015, Mira has become a content creator and YouTuber, as well as an investor, often championing homegrown brands online. (Also read: Mira Rajput’s black saree and velvet blouse is wedding cocktail look you need)

Mira, who is 13 years younger than Shahid, chafed against being termed a star wife often in the seven years she has been married to the actor. She argued how the derogatory term should be dropped completely.

Speaking with host Janice Sequeira on the first episode of Social Media Star With Janice in its fifth season, Mira stated why the label should be banned, even when referring to the children of stars. She said, “We ought to get over it now. Maybe it was an association that one needed to make for recall value. But even if you put that on a kid, and you say star kid, people don’t like listening to ‘star kid’ for all of its nepotistic connotations and all of that. But that term is still in use, like it needs to kind of find its way out and likewise, I have never understood the concept of a star wife, what does that mean?”

Appearing along with singer-rapper Badshah, Mira went on to state, “You can have an actor or celebrity or a star who has a wife or a husband, nobody says star husband, why is there a star wife?”

Mira and Shahid got married in 2015 and are also parents of two young children, six-year-old Misha and four-year-old Zain. The actor often appears in Mira’s YouTube videos online.

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