Kavya Thapar: The huge scar on my forehead is really playing with my insecurities

Kavya Thapar: The huge scar on my forehead is really playing with my insecurities

It’s been over a month since Kavya Thapar met with an accident while shooting in Malaysia, getting a minor nose fracture and injury on her forehead. The actor says the recovery is really slow as she is yet to resume work.

Back in January, she was shooting with music composer turned actor Vijay Antony in Langkawi for Pichaikkaran 2 when her jet ski got stuck on high speed and collided with a crew boat.

“We were in the water immediately. After the accident, I have a blurry memory of seeing Vijay sir asking for help in water as he didn’t know how to swim. The crew gave him CPR following which he gained consciousness. We were then taken to a hospital where I got to know that I had a minor nose fracture and a huge injury on my forehead. Luckily there was no head fracture,” says the actor, who was recently seen in Farzi.

At the moment, she has a huge scar on her forehead after stitches. “I’m being treated for the scar so that it can subside. Till then, I am taking time off from all the work till then. I cannot shoot with the scar and it is making me impatient. It has been over a month since the accident. I have been away from work since then,” says the actor, confessing that the most challenging part about the recovery period is making peace with the scar on her head.

“My career involves my face and body to be perfect. And a huge scar on my forehead is definitely something which has played with my insecurity and made me very conscious of myself. However, I am trying to think on the positive side that the accident could have been fatal, we could have died too. I am happy that we have come out alive,” she says.

At the moment, she is using the free time to heal internally by spending time at an ashram in Haridwar.

“I’m just trying to work on myself and work on my spiritual path, taking this time off to recover mentally and physically,” she ends.

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