Jennifer Grey Gives ‘Dirty Dancing 2’ Update & Declares There Will ‘Never Be Johnny & Baby Ever Again’ (Exclusive)

Jennifer Grey Gives ‘Dirty Dancing 2’ Update & Declares There Will ‘Never Be Johnny & Baby Ever Again’ (Exclusive)

Jennifer Grey opens up about the Dirty Dancing sequel in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the February 3 edition of the Tamron Hall Show. Jennifer is to give an update about the follow-up film she’s executive producing and starring in.

“Because of what I just saw in this beautiful studio audience, it’s taking longer than I would have imagined only because it has to be right. I’m not in a hurry,” she tells Tamron Hall after the crowd erupts in applause when the sequel is brought up.

However, Jennifer makes one thing clear about Dirty Dancing 2. “I will reprise my role as Baby/Frances, but there will never be the Patrick Swayze/Jennifer Grey ever again,” she explained. “There will never be Johnny and Baby ever again, and it needs to feel like it has this same soul and simplicity and heart of that original.”

She added, “I’m in no hurry. I would do it fast if it could come fast, but if it’s not coming fast, I’m going to take my time and get it right.”

The Dirty Dancing sequel was announced in April 2022 at CinemaCon. Dirty Dancing became a massive hit after its release in 1987. Jennifer starred alongside the late Patrick Swayze in the romantic drama. A prequel, Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights, was released in 2004.

Patrick sadly passed away at the age of 57 in 2009 due to pancreatic cancer. Jennifer is determined to honor Patrick’s legacy in the sequel. “My whole job with this, is to get it right, get it really right, in Patrick’s honor, in honor of all of the fans’ relationship with the movie,” she said on Good Morning America. “If you’re going to do that movie again, it has to be right. It’s definitely happening. I’m very excited to say that. It’s something I refuse to do unless it’s perfect, so I’m doing my very best to make sure we honor it.”

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