Huma Qureshi: I have always been choosy about the work that I in the West

Huma Qureshi: I have always been choosy about the work that I in the West

It’s been almost two years since actor Huma Qureshi forayed into the West with web film, Army of the Dead, and garnered positive response. But there has not been an announcement of her second international project since then. And she admits she is being very choosy as she explores her career and is in no rush.

Huma Qureshi entered the world of Hollywood with Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead was released in 2021, and in the same year the first season of Maharani was also streamed. Last year I had a packed year with Mithya, Maharani season 2, Valimai, Double XL and Monica, O My Darling. Honestly, I haven’t had the mind space to think about chasing after a project because I haven’t had a breather,” Qureshi says.

As an actor, she admits she is hungry for good films, series and roles. “Whether it’s in India or in the film industry in the US, I want to be part of cinema. I have always been choosy about the work that I do and it’s no different when it comes to saying yes to the work that comes my way from the west. When it comes to the work announcement from the West, you will have to wait and watch,” she adds.

Qureshi asserts that there is no denying that Indian representation is getting better internationally, especially Indian projects making a mark at the Oscars as well.

“Indian cinema has captured the imagination of the west for a long time now. But what’s applause worthy and should be celebrated is the fact that a Telugu film (RRR) which celebrates the true spirit of commercial Indian cinema has won the Oscar for Best Original Song and other important recognitions in the US this year. That’s not all, The Elephant Whisperers hit it out of the park by winning the Best Documentary Short Film Oscar. As an Indian and as a member of the Indian film fraternity, I felt proud because we had been recognised in two completely different genres,” she mentions, adding, “Indian actors have always played an important role in the cinema of the West.”

Thanking actors Irrfan Khan and Priyanka Chopra Jonas for paving a way, Qureshi says, “With Hollywood films becoming global in terms of the actors who are cast from different countries and ethnic backgrounds, it bodes well for actors at large is what I feel.”

She also sheds light on the fact how of late, actors from India and actors who are American with Indian roots have changed the narrative immensely. “Top actors from the Hindi film industry including Irrfan Khan and Priyanka Chopra have featured in films backed by top studios and directed by some of the most celebrated names in the west. Their journeys are inspiring and they have clearly been able to break the stereotypes associated with Indian actors,” she ends.

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