How to Become a Data Analytics after B.Com; List of Online and Offline Courses

How to Become a Data Analytics after B.Com; List of Online and Offline Courses

Data sciences are one of the world’s fastest expanding industries, with numerous applications in a wide range of organisations and businesses. Data analysis is one of the highest-paying jobs in the world, and the function of data analysts has become critical to the survival of businesses.

Data specialists are in high demand in IT as well as non-IT areas such as finance, insurance, banking, and e-commerce. Because of their strong quantitative skills and awareness of business operations, graduates in commerce and business have a distinct approach to analytics.

As a result, financial experts with data analytic skills are considered very competitive in the sector. A second certification in Data Analytics can thereby improve the employment chances of commerce graduates. Because of their strong quantitative skills and awareness of business operations, graduates in commerce and business have a distinct approach to analytics. As a result, financial experts with data analytic skills are considered very competitive in the sector.

Everyone who is interested in numbers and whose analysis shines out will be an excellent fit. A BCOM graduate has a strong statistical comprehension and mathematical skills, which puts them ahead of the competition when it comes to data analysis.

Here is a list of some online and offline Data Analyst courses that you can pursue to excel in Data Anaytics

Offline Data Analytics Courses

M.Sc. in Data Science Accredited by the UGC

This Master of Science programme is intended for professionals who want to advance in their careers. The curriculum will provide you with the technical skills required to launch a successful career in data science. The curriculum aims to prepare you for analytical and leadership roles in a variety of industries by combining machine learning, big data analytics, and statistics. Get expertise in machine learning applications, predictive modelling, problem-solving with real-world data, teamwork, developing strategic and tactical suggestions, and managing processes, work, and people.

Master’s degree in Machine Learning and Data Science

You will gain a thorough grasp of machine learning methodologies, as well as vital practical skills and guided experience applying them to real-world issues. The curriculum is designed to advance your engineering or data science career, allowing you to take the path that is best for you, whether that be a role as a data scientist, a machine learning engineer, or a computational statistician.

Master of Applied Data Science

You will have the unique chance to gain an end-to-end perspective on data science and prepare for leadership in the area through this online degree programme. As a MADS student, you’ll learn the fundamentals of big data, data ethics, data privacy, machine learning, natural language processing, network analysis, and more.

How to Become a Data Analytics after B.Com

Working with real data sets from leading firms allows you to apply what you’ve learned, create your portfolio, and be prepared to advance a successful data science career in any field.

Master of Science in Data Science

If you want to work in data science, the Master of Data Science (MS-DS) is an excellent choice regardless of your academic background. You’ll learn theory, methodologies, tools, and programming languages, which will prepare you for a wide range of data scientist professions.

Online Data Analytics Courses

Big Data Analytics with Tableau – Pluralsight

The training will concentrate on big data analytics and how to access and visualise huge data using Tableau. Pluralsight’s Big Data Analytics with Tableau course will not only improve students’ comprehension of big data but will also teach them how to access large data systems using Tableau Software.

The course is taught by Ben Sullins, who has 15 years of industry expertise and has provided consulting services to organisations such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Cisco.
Sullins shares his knowledge with pupils in bite-sized morsels of content. Students should have some knowledge of data analytics.

Fees – INR 1499/month

Data Analytics Bootcamp – Springboard

The Bootcamp covers fundamental ideas in corporate statistics as well as advanced analysis methodologies, as well as how to use analytics and visualisation technologies such as Excel, Python, SQL, Tableau, and Microsoft Power BI.

Springboard’s Data Analytics Bootcamp, developed in conjunction with Microsoft, is a six-month career-focused curriculum with a job guarantee. The full course takes around 320 hours, or 6 months to finish. The majority of students dedicate 15 to 20 hours per week to training. Furthermore, each student is entitled to limitless mentor calls and 50+ hours of professional support.

Fees – Free

Data Analyst with R – DataCamp

Data Analyst with R by DataCamp provides bite-sized learning materials handpicked by data industry experts. The Data Analyst with R Career Track at DataCamp is comprised of 19 data science analytics courses selected by industry experts to assist students in launching a career in data science. Because each race lasts about 4 hours, the entire track should take about 77 hours to complete. It will help students get their desired job in data analysis no matter how much free time they have to study. After finishing this course, students will be able to handle and analyse data using R.

Fees – Free

Data Analyst Nanodegree

Udacity’s Data Analyst Nanodegree will assist students in gaining the information and abilities required to create a career in Data Analytics. In addition to addressing both theoretical and practical exercises, the curriculum offers 1-on-1 mentor calls and one-of-a-kind career support services.

If students do not meet the prerequisites for this programme, a similarly organised beginner-level Nanodegree called Programming for Data Science is offered.
This curriculum is best suited for students who have prior expertise with Python (especially NumPy and Pandas) and SQL programming.The beginner-level programme teaches students the fundamentals of Python programming from a data science perspective.

Fees – 22,849/month

Full Data Science Bootcamp – Udemy

While the course was first taught in 2020, it has been modified for 2023 with new learning materials. Data Science Course 2023: Full Data Science Bootcamp is a thorough data science course with 471 lectures offered on Udemy. The lectures contain approximately 30 hours of on-demand video, 90 articles, and 154 downloadable resources. As part of this course, students may expect to master in-demand data science skills such as Python and its libraries, machine learning, statistics, and Tableau.

Fees – INR 3499

Become a Data Analyst – LinkedIn Learning

There are no requirements for pursuing this educational path.
Pupils do not even need to understand the concept of data analysis.
This path consists of seven courses: This course covers subjects such as Learning Data Analytics, Data Fluency: Exploring and Describing Data, Excel Statistics Essential Training: 1, Learning Excel: Data Analysis, Learning Data Visualization, Power BI Essential Training, and Tableau Essential Training. Each course has a different length.
Most classes, on the other hand, last between two and four hours, allowing students to finish the entire curriculum in roughly 24 hours.

Fees – INR 762.71/month

Best Indian universities to study Data Analytics

Currently, 152 colleges in India offer Data Analytics courses. Several colleges stand out from the rest due to their high placement rates.

The following is a list of the top Data Analytics colleges in India.

  • Goa Institute of Management (GIM)
  • Universal Business School, Mumbai

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