Glenmark’s nasal spray ‘Ryaltris’ receives approval in Europe for first-line treatment of allergic rhinitis

Glenmark Pharmaceuticals today said that it is concluding the final, national phase of its marketing approval application process to enable the launch of its innovative nasal spray in 17 countries in the European Union. Ryaltris (olopatadine hydrochloride 665 mcg and mometasone furoate 25 mcg), will shortly be available in Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Finland, France, Ireland, Italy, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Sweden, and the UK.

Achin Gupta, Executive Vice President, Business Head EMEA-L (Europe, Middle East, Africa, Latam) Glenmark Pharmaceuticals, said, “Despite many treatments being available for allergic rhinitis, Glenmark is excited to launch Ryaltris as the only first-line combination inhaler treatment option for patients across Europe. Upwards of 25% of the population in Europe suffers from the debilitating symptoms of allergic rhinitis, so we hope that Ryaltris will bring some of these real benefits – a simple inhaler, offering fast and effective relief.”

In its regulatory filing, the company said that Glenmark will commercialise Ryaltris on its own in select markets. In some countries such as France, Italy, Spain and the Balkan region, Menarini Group will lead the commercialisation effort, as part of an exclusive licensing agreement signed with Glenmark in 2020. Under the terms of the agreement, Glenmark is responsible for the continued development and regulatory approval of Ryaltris in these markets, while Menarini will lead the scientific information and commercialization of Ryaltris, following regulatory approval. Glenmark has received an upfront payment and will additionally receive launch & sales-based milestone payments from Menarini for Ryaltris sales.

Notably, Ryaltris, developed by Glenmark, is a novel fixed-dose combination nasal spray of an anti-histamine and a steroid, indicated for the treatment of symptoms associated with allergic rhinitis (AR) in patients over 12 years of age. It relieves symptoms of allergic rhinitis, including stuffy nose, runny nose, nasal itching, sneezing, as well as itchy, red and watery eyes.

On Sensex, Glenmark finished at Rs552.20 per piece down by 1.2%.

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