Fittest on Earth: Retro/Active Trailer Details the Epic CrossFit Games

Fittest on Earth: Retro/Active Trailer Details the Epic CrossFit Games

The acclaimed and beloved Fittest on Earth documentaries continue with a new installment in 2023, Fittest on Earth: Retro/Active. Like the other films, this new title from Gravitas Ventures will collect some of the world’s fittest athletes (Tia-Clair Toomey, Justin Medeiros, Mal O’Brien, Roman Khrennikov, Laura Horvath, Ricky Gerard, Adrian Bozman, Patrick Vellner, Emma Lawson) and put them to the test during the CrossFit Games. The synopsis reads as follows:

In 2022, a new mastermind entered the arena to craft the tests for the Fittest on Earth. Longtime CrossFit Games Head Judge and Seminar Staff Flowmaster Adrian Bozman’s approach to programming the CrossFit Games brought the sport’s top athletes back to the basics while challenging them to develop new skills. Tia-Clair Toomey vied for an unprecedented sixth title while rumors of retirement swirled and Mal O’Brien continued to rise.

Meanwhile, 2021 Fittest Man on Earth Justin Medeiros worked to defend his title against determined competitors such as Roman Khrennikov — a multiyear qualifier who had yet to step onto the Games competition floor — and Ricky Garard, newly returned from a four-year ban for violating CrossFit’s drug policy. In “Fittest on Earth: Retro/Active,” watch as athletes face familiar movements with new twists, some thriving and others learning the hard way to begin anew with the basics, this time paying more attention.

Everything is set for an epic competition of incredible athletes. You can check out more in the new trailer below.

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Fittest on Earth Celebrates Athleticism

The Fittest on Earth films sit in the pantheon of great athletic documentaries, alongside Olympia, Tokyo Olympiad, Venus and Serena, and few others. These are different from masterful sports documentaries; there’s something unique about a cinema of athleticism which details the pain, physicality, and motion of performing bodies. These documentaries celebrate the human form, with all its musculature and visceral intensity, stretched to its limits.

If you want to see the amazing extent that top athletes go to in order to be the best (the fittest on Earth), then the new documentary is a must-watch. From Gravitas Ventures, Fittest on Earth: Retro/Active is now available for pre-order on Apple TV and Vimeo.

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