Film trailer starring Virat Kohli’s double has internet in splits: ‘Is there an Anushka Sharma lookalike too?’

The trailer of a little-known film titled Match of Life was released last week online. The film stars established actors like Rajpal Yadav, Sudha Chandran, and Supriya Karnik but in supporting roles. The leads are newcomers Yash Mehta and Amit Mishra. Given the lack of star power, the trailer largely stayed under the radar but those who watched were taken aback by Amit’s resemblance to Indian cricketer Virat Kohli, leading to several hilarious responses. Also read: Anushka Sharma, Virat Kohli visit Indian restaurant in London. See pic

Directed by Aman Sagar, Match of Life is based on cricketer, who looks like Virat Kohli and what he faces in everyday life due to his resemblance with one of the most popular faces in the world. Amit stars as Viraj, who must deal with the unwanted attention that comes his way due to his face, while trying to make it as a cricketer and also sort out his love life. However, the film also has Yash as MMA fighter Arjun in a confusing side-plot where he is Viraj’s protector against bullies, for some reason.

Many viewers on social media shared the trailer and while some were impressed, many were left scratching their heads. Author Chitranshul Sinha tweeted, “The big question is whether this will be considered a sports movie or not?” Media personality Sahil Rizwan shared the trailer and joked, “Virat’s been going through a really rough patch recently, but this is probably the worst thing in his life right now.”

Many viewers were confused if the film is a biopic. Others were amused by not spotting any lookalike of Virat’s wife Anushka Sharma. “Is there an Anushka lookalike as the heroine?” read one tweet. Many viewers also commented that the film looked funny and promising. Match of Life releases in theatres on August 5.

Virat and Anushka, who are certainly not in the film, arrived in Mumbai on Tuesday after vacationing in London. The couple was spotted at the airport in the early hours of Tuesday.

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