‘Farmer Wants A Wife’ Couple Hunter & Meghan Give A Relationship Update After ‘Dating In Secret’ (Exclusive)

‘Farmer Wants A Wife’ Couple Hunter & Meghan Give A Relationship Update After ‘Dating In Secret’ (Exclusive)

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Hunter Grayson made his final decision in the Farmer Wants A Wife finale and told Meghan Baker that he wanted to be with her. Six months after filming the finale, Hunter and Meghan are still together and excited about the next chapter. HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with the couple about the most challenging part of keeping their relationship a secret, what their next move is, and more.

Hunter Grayson
Hunter Grayson and Meghan in the ‘Farmer Wants A Wife’ finale. (FOX)

“For me, and I think she’ll agree with me on this, we darn near lived together for 2 months, and then right after we could see each other a little bit here and there,” Hunter said. “She stayed for Thanksgiving. I flew out to Midland and visited with her a little bit, and then came back and spent a little bit of time around Christmas together. We went on a cruise together in January, but once the commercials came out we had to stop almost cold turkey. It was kind of like dating in secret. Actually, it wasn’t like it. It was dating in secret. That’s tough when you’ve got a new relationship you’re trying to stoke those flames and keep everything alive when you’re not together all the time. It’s tough and there’s no handbook about how to go about doing this.”

Meghan opened up about the heartfelt moment her feelings for Hunter changed during their Farmer Wants A Wife journey. “It was when my grandfather passed away. Hunter dropped absolutely everything to make sure that I was okay and take me to the airport and just make sure I was comfortable,” Meghan explained. “We had just had the family visit, so obviously had feelings, but I left right when those feelings were really starting to form. I had to make the choice. I had to come back to see if he felt the same way I felt about him, so I guess that’s where it started for me.”

Hunter admitted that he felt an “instant connection” with Meghan. However, he “wasn’t sure” she liked him after the speed date because Meghan was a bit shy. “I think her favorite line is I can talk enough for the both of us,” Hunter quipped.

He added, “But I was instantly struck by her. I remember walking into the barn, and I didn’t even know which group of women was the group I was supposed to be paired with. I remember seeing her smile and that little smirk and she’s just grinning like a mule eating briars in that short red dress and that pretty much did me in off the start. But I think the fact that she always kept me on my toes and wasn’t afraid to check my line from time to time, and from time to time I mean every darn day. That sealed it for me.”

Meghan in the ‘Farmer Wants A Wife’ finale. (FOX)

As for what’s next for the couple, Meghan revealed that she’s moved home from Midland, Texas. “I’m back in Tennessee so we’re only about 5 hours away from each other now. So I can drive to Georgia and be on the farm,” Meghan said.

Hunter noted that they’ve had a “couple sneak aways,” and they’re both excited about what’s next. “We’re just kind of taking it day by day and seeing where this roller coaster of an adventure leads us. We’ve had a good time not putting too much pressure on where we may go or where we are and just doing the journey as it is, and I don’t see any reason to rock that boat right now. I’ve said it from day one. We can paint ourselves into all the boxes that we check off, but if we go into it with heart and an open mind, the ride’s just that much more enjoyable and more true.”

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