#DeshKaZee: Bollywood stalwarts extend support to ZEEL-Sony merger, Punit Goenka, slam China for poaching

A few days ago, the mega-merger of ZEE Entertainment Enterprises Limited (ZEEL) and Sony Pictures Networks India was announced. However, after Invesco’s recent stand on the matter, frivolous reporting by a section of media has been putting out wrong information to the world.

In the matter, Invesco has now started getting into trouble. Not only do corporate industry leaders want ZEEL to be headed by Puneet Goenka, rather, Bollywood stalwarts have also come out in its support. Invesco has been involved in a conspiracy regarding the ZEEL-SONY deal for several days and wants to obstruct the deal. There is an indication of some big corporate house being behind Invesco. Invesco itself seems to be in the midst of questions in the case of ZEEL because Invesco has no answer on whose behest it is working

Invesco is constantly talking about changes in the board of ZEEL. Even some media houses are asking questions to ZEEL. But, the reality is that Invesco has not shown any transparency in this matter so far. At the same time, Dr Subhash Chandra, the founder of ZEEL, has questioned the intention of Invesco. Soon after this, Bollywood stalwarts came out in support of Zee Entertainment and asked Puneet Goenka to continue as MD-CEO of the company.

Bollywood’s veteran producer-director Subhash Ghai, popularly known as Showman, tweeted, “I wonder if small investors from China can shake an indian company like @ZEECorporate built by indian promotors @subhashchandra since 30 years with purely indian content ethos n ethics wid excellent status in media world Is it giving a wrong signal to future corporate culture?” [sic].

At the same time, veteran producer-director Boney Kapoor tweeted, “Zee which was first Indian channel promoted by Indian nationalist @subhashchandra always supported & nurtured Indian entertainment sector now hounded by American and Chinese investors.Pray Zee Entertainment remains in original Indian entrepreneur’s passionate hands @punitgoenka.”

Producer-director and actor Satish Kaushik has also supported Subhash Chandra, Puneet Goenka and ZEEL. He tweeted, “Zee is the first Indian channel and has provided tremendous support to the  indian entertainment industry .Today American and Chinese investors are trying to poach it.Hope Zee remains in original passionate hands.”

Filmmaker Madhur Bhandarkar tweeted, “ZEE TV,first Indian channel cultivated by @subhashchandra to India’s biggest entertainment company has always been pioneer in Indian content.I wish that it continues to progress under the leadership of @punitgoenka & an all Indian Management and pray for a great future for them.”

Notably, Invesco is an investor in Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited (ZEEL) and has been continuously pushing for board changes since the deal with SONY Pictures. But, some other corporate house has a hand behind this insistence. Apart from this, the conspiracy of China is also visible in this. There is a conspiracy to mislead investors by making Invesco a pawn. The trick is to block a good deal with SONY Pictures. Invesco is in the midst of many questions. Dr. Subhash Chandra, the founder of Zee Entertainment himself, has questioned Invesco on this. To thwart China’s conspiracy, everyone will have to come together in the interest of the country. You too can be a part of this campaign against China by tweeting on #DeshKaZee.

(With inputs from DNA India)

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