CBSE Class 12 English: Last Minute Revision Points in English (Elective and Core)

CBSE Class 12 English: Last Minute Revision Points in English (Elective and Core)

As the CBSE has started the Board Exams for Class 10 and Class 12, the students are in a haste to score well in different subjects. All students, regardless of whether they are in the Humanities, Commerce, or Science stream, are required to take English as part of their current board exam preparations. Fortunately, one can perform well on this paper if they do their homework.

English is one of the most important and scorable subjects for Grade 12 students. It becomes important for students to be focused as well as relaxed during the last few days of the examination as well. The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has scheduled the paper of English on February 24, 2023, from 10:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m.

Even if students are studying tirelessly the day before the exam, there is still some anxiety. Through this essay, we hope to allay pupils’ anxiety before the Class 12 English exam. Class 12 English paper is divided broadly into 3 Sections with a total of 80 Marks and the remaining 20 Marks are allotted for Internal Assessment.

The division of the paper goes on like this:

Section – A: Reading Section contains 20 Marks
Section – B: Grammar and Writing Section is of 20 Marks
Section – C: Literature consists of 40 Marks
Internal Assessment is of 20 Marks

The students in these remaining days need to focus on the revision part of the paper in an extensive manner, as there is no time left for the beginning of any new chapter. The appearing candidates need to make sure of the honest revision of the subject and emphasize the revision part itself.

At Home:

One of the main processes of revision is Highlighting the important points in the concerned chapter. Students are supposed to mark the important points and highlight them while going through the chapters. Highlighting the important points while reading helps the students immensely during revision sessions as it saves time that can be utilized somewhere else, in a productive way. Watching videos related to the topic online also aids the students.

Another important aspect of revision is to solve the previous years’ question papers and sample papers as well. The more you solve the previous years’ question papers and sample papers, the more you gain confidence in solving the Exam Question Paper of English. Maintaining a healthy environment at home is the duty of the family during revision time as well.

Abandoning social media platforms is one of the key points while focusing on the revision part of the paper. ‘Use your smart gadgets smartly and don’t let them use you’ should be kept in mind while studying.

Students should also make time for their favorite activity that would help them in releasing the exam pressure in a positive manner. A fixed time slot is to be supervised by the parents of the Board appearing students as well for such activities.

While going through the revision phase, the division of chapters with justifiable time slots is an important aspect. Students should understand the importance of Time Management not only in the examination hall but while revision as well.
Eat healthily and take a sound sleep. Indulge yourself in productive acts.

In the Examination Hall:

Students need to fully utilize the 15-minute time in thoroughly going through the question paper.

The Reading Section is one of the most scorable sections in English paper. It contains 2 Unseen Passages and 1 Unseen Poem. This aspect of the paper can help the students to score well in this section by tactfully going through the section.

The Writing and Grammar Section needs to have great writing skills and the concepts of Grammar should be well understood by the students.

The Literature part of the Question Paper needs a good understanding of the chapters prescribed in the textbook. Having a clear picture of the character sketches and central themes is an essential part of scoring good marks in this section.

Using Quotes from the chapters under consideration impacts well in scoring marks. Underlining important points in the Answersheet is also a good idea to adopt.

The Question Paper contains a word limit for every answer to be written by students in it. The candidates need to keep in mind the word limit for the particular question as it wastes the time and does not impress the examiner.

CBSE Class 12 English: Last Minute Revision Points

Another important tip to score good marks in the examination is to have neat and legible handwriting.

Time Management is one of the most important yet crucial aspects of the examination. Division of time to different sections of the paper needs to be accomplished wistfully.

Last, but not least, the revision of the Answersheet, as well as the Question Paper, is a very important aspect of the paper. The remaining 15 minutes must be utilized judiciously for revision because the paper will take 3 hours to complete, with 2 hours and 45 minutes allotted for writing.

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