Cabinet approves India’s agreement with the UK and Northern Ireland on customs matters

The Union Cabinet chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday approved the signing and ratification of an Agreement between the Government of Republic of India and the Government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland on Customs Cooperation and Mutual Administrative Assistance in Customs Matters.

The Agreement will help in the availability of relevant information for the prevention and investigation of Customs offences. The Agreement is also expected to facilitate trade and ensure efficient clearance of goods traded between the countries.

The Cabinet stated that the Agreement will be signed on behalf of the Governments of the two countries after it is approved by the respective Governments. This Agreement shall enter into force from the first day of the month following signature by a duly authorised representative of both parties.

The Agreement would provide a legal framework for sharing of information and intelligence between the Customs authorities of the two countries and help in the proper application of Customs laws, prevention and investigation of Customs offences and the facilitation of legitimate trade.

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( With inputs from indiainfoline)