Brazil observes its 200th Independence Day tomorrow, September 7, 2022: History, Facts and Celebrations

Brazil is going to celebrate its 200th anniversary of Independence Day on 7 September 2022. It was on this very date in 1822, exactly 200 years ago, that Brazil declared independence from their colonial master Portugal.

It was Portuguese Prince Pedro, who went against his native country, established the Brazilian empire and declared independence on September 7, 1822. After independence, the monarchy remained until it was later overthrown.

Brazil Independence Day: History

Brazil has remained inhabited for thousands of years but not much exists in the form of written and verified history before the arrival of European colonizers.
The Portuguese landed on the shores of Brazil in 1500 and slowly and steadily captured it whole. Their rule lasted for 322 years till 1822 when a Portuguese Monarch, and heir to the throne, prince Pedro declared independence from his native country Portugal.

Timeline of Brazil’s Independence

  • 1820: The ruling monarch John VI made his son Dom Pedro the acting monarch of Brazil and left for Portugal. Pedro was to be the full-time monarch in case anything happened to his father.
  • Fearing French assault on Portugal, Brazil’s status as a colony was elevated to a kingdom in the first decade of the 1800s. Once Napoleon and France were vanquished, the Portuguese wanted to demote the status of Brazil back to a colony. Brazilian protested. Vehemently. And so did Pedro.
  • Portuguese wanted Pedro to be replaced and sent back to Portugal. Protest erupted across Brazil.
  • Pedro, the acting king of Brazil, formally declared independence on September 22, 1922
  • Brazil adopts its first constitution and gets recognized by the United States, in 1824.
  • Another important day for Brazil is May 13, 1888, when slavery was abolished in all forms. The law abolishing slavery is known as the “Golden Law” in Brazil.

How Brazil Independence Day is celebrated:

The day is celebrated with military parades and patriotic performances during the day while it is fireworks that make the night hot and happening. The national celebration is hosted at the Ministries Esplanade with the president of Brazil present and spearheading the civil-military parade.

Thousands of Brazilians gather on the streets and celebrate the day together by waving flags and banners, singing, dancing, playing football and doing outdoor fun activities like going on a picnic.

Interesting Facts about Brazil

  • The country of Brazil is named after a tree called Brazilwood. No doubt, it’s the national tree of Brazil.
  • Brazil is the world’s fifth-largest country and has the sixth most populous
  • Around 60% of the Amazon Rainforest – called ‘the lungs of the Earth’ for the amount of oxygen they produce – is in Brazil
  • However, the humongous forest is being cut and burnt away to prepare space for grazing cattle and growing palm oil.
  • Brazil has 7 natural and 14 cultural World Heritage Sites designated by UNESCO.
  • Most Indians are aware of Brazil only because of their champion football team that has won a record 5 world cup titles.
  • The Brazilian flag has 27 stars with the country’s slogan ‘Order and Progress’ written in Portuguese on it.
  • With a GDP of close to 1.5 trillion, Brazil is the largest economy in South America and one of the biggest in the world. Brazil is a top global producer of coffee
  • Brazil borders all countries of the South American continent except for Chile and Ecuador.
  • The world’s largest carnival is hosted every year in March by the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro. A few million people participate in it.

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