BiP’s Jessenia Implies Andrew Romance Was More Serious Than Cameras Let On

Jessenia Cruz and Andrew Spencer
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Calling out the edit. Jessenia Cruz understands why viewers felt she overreacted to Andrew Spencer dumping her on Bachelor in Paradise season 8.

“Jessenia I’m sorry, but we didn’t get to see ANY footage of you and Andrew, so we have no idea what your relationship was like #BachelorInParadise,” one fan wrote via Twitter during the Monday, November 14, episode of the ABC reality show.

The former Miss El Paso, 29, said that she understood the complaint. “Which is why I won’t blame the viewers if they don’t get it,” she replied. “Providing zero context or backstory for y’all truly makes this entire scenario so random. It is what it is.”

Bachelor In Paradise's Jessenia Implies Andrew Romance Was More Serious Than the Cameras Let On

Andrew Spencer and Jessenia Cruz – ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ episode 810
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On Monday’s episode, viewers saw Andrew, 26, go on a date with new arrival Ency Abedin — despite previously accepting two roses from Jessenia.

“It makes me upset. I really like Andrew and I’ve been patient with him. We’ve been making really great strides, and now he’s going on a date,” the Bachelor season 25 alum said. “I invested a lot in him, so where’s our conversation to see where this is going instead of just him going on a date?”

Eventually, Andrew sat down with her to say that he wanted to break up. He claimed he needed to find happiness, and Jessenia deserves “a little bit more than what I’ve been able to give.”

The former pageant queen was blindsided as she felt things were going great. “It sucks thinking I’m on the same page with someone. We’ve all had a rough few days, but I thought we had at least gained enough ground to figure things out instead of him going on a date,” she explained. “We’re close to the end of Paradise so that honestly makes no sense to me. I really thought I had a safe space with Andrew, so I think that’s what hurts the most about it all.”

Andrew, for his part, had his own issues with the edit, claiming the show aired his convos with Jessenia out of order. “The talk happened before i went on the date. Why would i change back into the same clothes after the date lol,” he wrote via Twitter on Monday.

This wasn’t the first time the Texas native called out the edit on Bachelor in Paradise. She was one of the “new women” who arrived on the beach during the October 17 episode. Jessenia had connected with Andrew while Tyler Norris and Brittany Galvin felt sparks.

However, it appeared as though the social media manager was making a move on Tyler, 26, when she pulled him away for a conversation, but Jessenia said that was not at all the case.

“Just having a friendly conversation with someone I literally never met,” she tweeted while the episode aired last month. “I was happy to see Brittany in Paradise, and I heard nothing but good things about Tyler. We were all connected at some point too.”

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