Below Deck Adventure’s Captain Kerry Calls Kyle a ‘Threat’ to Crew’s ‘Safety’

Captain Kerry Titheradge, Kyle Dickard, Nathan Morley.
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His final charter? Kyle Dickard‘s time on Below Deck Adventure might be coming to an end after issues with several coworkers.

“Today Nathan [Morley] was really upset because Kyle started threatening him with violence,” Captain Kerry Titheradge tells Lewis Lupton in Us Weekly‘s exclusive sneak peek at the upcoming episode, which premieres on Tuesday, November 15. “I feel that he is a threat to the safety of other crew members.”

In response, the bosun notes he is “a little bit upset” by the news. “I was going to save him but he is the most experienced and I would have liked him to become lead deckhand,” he explains. “I mentioned it to him that if could behave more professionally — it is his to lose.”

Lewis, who previously had an off-putting encounter with Kyle, admits that his deckhand has been “consistently” crossing the line.

The captain, for his part, reveals that he has considered letting the Texas native go, adding, “So when I bring this up with Kyle, he has the right to explain himself. But these actions are grounds for instant dismissal.”

In the clip, Lewis notes he isn’t sure whether firing Kyle is the right choice in the situation. “He is definitely not the picture of a perfect crew member. But Kyle is experienced enough that I could learn some things from him,” the U.K. native says in a confessional. “But I need him on deck and I hope this conversation goes well with Kerry. I hope Kyle can turn this around.”


Viewers haven’t been thrilled with Kyle’s addition to Mercury after his onscreen remarks to Nathan and Lewis. The exterior team member also raised eyebrows after he kissed second stew Kasie Faddah on the cheek after being encouraged to do so by charter guests.

Ahead of Below Deck Adventure‘s premiere, the captain revealed that most of the season 1 cast was “challenging” to deal with.

“Everyone is coming from different places, backgrounds and ages. They all have their own intentions, and we all have to find our own footing. Understand a brand new boat in a totally new country,” he told TV Insider in October. “That puts pressure on everybody. For me, it’s understanding that everyone is human. Everyone gets a pass, but if you start taking my kindness for weakness, that’s when I change gears.”


According to Kerry, he wasn’t initially aware how the crew felt about Kyle. “What worries captains the most is an insubordinate crew member. It’s not a pride thing or an ego thing. It’s very much a safety thing,” he said during an interview with Decider this month, referring to moments in the show’s first episode. “If we’re having a fire on board and I need a crew member to go grab the hose but he or she decides it’s time to jump off the side, lives are at danger. If you think you know better than the captain, lives are in danger.”

Season 1 of Below Deck Adventure airs Tuesdays on Bravo at 8 p.m. ET.

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