BBA in International Business; Scope and Career Opportunities

BBA in International Business; Scope and Career Opportunities

BBA is a three-year undergraduate programme in International Business that includes sophisticated business topics like international and global commercial dimensions. The term “international business” refers to all corporate operations which encourage the transfer of products, services, capital, concepts, and technological developments across international borders.

The key objective of this curriculum is to bring students up to date on all the complexities of international business management, including the fundamental ideas behind purchasing, promoting, and offering products globally. It categorically emphasises the ideas of global business initiatives and cross-cultural business connections. There are excellent universities offering programmes in international business throughout the world.

Career Opportunities

Export Manager

The main responsibility of the export manager is to find customers for the company that uses them on the international market. He arranges and plans the international delivery of goods and supplies. Export Managers may bargain with a variety of people throughout the day, including experts, carriers, and traders.


Developing strategies that are connected to business goals is one of an executive’s main responsibilities. Depending on the scale of the organisation, anyone can be an executive, from a chief operating officer to a general manager. Managing product requirements, negotiating contracts, boosting revenue, and minimising expenses are all significant aspects of the job.

Global Manager

A global manager is responsible for supervising teams of agents or company operations throughout many cultures and temporal scales, which necessitates the development of new skill sets. The new global manager is also essentially everyone working as an advisor nowadays.

Financial Manager

Financial Manager abroad An international finance manager’s job is to manage economic management tasks like grant administration, budgeting, accounting, and investment analysis, among others.

Marketing Manager

A marketing manager is in charge of maintaining an equilibrium between an industry’s business goals and its creative vision. One can use these skills as a marketing manager once they have acquired the ability to collaborate effectively in a team via the perspective of a global company.

Project Manager

First of all, project managers are in a growing market throughout the world. To oversee a product’s life, from conception to completion, is the main responsibility of the position. Project management also encompasses knowing the product’s purpose, coming up with sales strategies, and promoting the product.

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