‘Anglo-French drugs to focus on specialty segments’

Anglo-French Drugs & Industries (AFDIL) is trying to rebuild its business following the sale of its portfolio of brands, including India‘s second largest selling vitamin B-complex brand Beplex Forte, for ₹325 crore to Lupin in April.

AFDIL president Nirbhay Kanoria told ET in an interview that the 100-year-old pharma company is focusing on specialty therapeutic segments such as orthopaedics, women’s health, respiratory and insomnia, along with non-branded generics, with a focus on rural and semi-urban areas. He said the company has launched four divisions and is busy launching new products after the sale of brands to Lupin. “We are reorienting our sales approach from targeting general practitioners to more specialists-driven, in line with our new businesses,” said Kanoria.

AFDIL has about 200 sales representatives.

Kanoria said it would take some time for new divisions to meaningfully contribute. “But the plan is to bounce back as soon as possible,” he said.

AFDIL reported revenue of ₹166 crore for 2021-22, about 60% of which came from the brands sold to Lupin. These included anti-insomnia brand Nitravet, anti-epilepsy brand Epilan and multivitamin Maximin Forte.

(With inputs from health)