A Culinary Adventure Awaits You in San Antonio

My kids and I took a trip to San Antonio recently. We live in Dallas, but we aren’t native Texans, so all we’ve managed to do up to this point is drive through it a few times. Since we’d heard so much about the city, we were excited to hit the ground running. After spending three whirlwind days scoping out hot spots and discovering hidden gems, there’s one thing we all agreed on: the food in San Antonio is fantastic. It wasn’t our intention to eat our way through the city, but we sure felt like we did. My kids were enthusiastic about trying new things (maybe there’s something in the water?), and I was thrilled to be able to introduce them to cuisine we don’t often try at home.

Did we have to hoist ourselves out of our chairs after each meal? Yup. Did we have a blast exploring local sites and attractions before and after each restaurant? You bet. If you want a place with culture, history, and some of the best food in Texas, head for San Antonio as soon as possible. To help you plan your trip, I’ve highlighted the spots we tried and what to eat once you sit down. And, when you’ve paid the bill and need to explore, the best things to do with kids in San Antonio while you work up an appetite (again.) 

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(With Inputs from redtri, thebarefootnomad)