10 November 2022 Daily Current Affairs: World Science Day for Peace and Development, Lotus in G20 logo

More than 130 seals found dead on Caspian Sea Beaches

Five nations form the border of the Caspian Sea, the world’s biggest inland body of water: Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Iran, and Turkmenistan. Overhunting and the impacts of industrial contamination have long been a problem for the Caspian Sea’s seal population. The Caspian seal, the only member of its species found in the Caspian Sea (the largest inland body of water in the world), was added to the Kazakh government’s list of endangered species in November 2020.

Solar Power Report

According to the report, China accounts for the majority of the predicted USD 34 billion in savings, as solar energy met 5% of the country’s total electricity demand and prevented an extra USD 21 billion in coal and gas imports over the time period.

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